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Automatic torsion coiling machine

Automatic torsion coiling machine works on segment principle. All operational timing are driven by mechanically i.e. Links and cams. This machine is designed for robust and mechanically precision, standard bearings and suitable alloy steel material, which ensure accuracy and life. This machine is used for manufacturing of torsion spring, tension spring, hooks, leg type compression and taper spring.

Automatic Torsion Spring Coiling Machines

Specifications Models
TCM-20 TCM-25 TCM-30 TCM-40 TCM-60
Wire die (mm) 0.3-1.2 0.5-2.0 1.0-3.0 1.5-4.0
Spring Solid Length (mm) 25 44 62 75 90
Spindle Stroke (mm) 50 80 115 150 180
Spring Coils (mm) 25 25 30 30 38
Minimum Spring I. D X Wire dia (mm) 2.5 2.5 2.5 3.0 3.5
Maiximum Spring O.D X wire dia (mm) 20 20 20 20 20

Automatic Compression Spring Coiling Machine

Our high precision spring coiling machines are designed and manufactured by our expertise technological design and manufacturing system. We used high quality material, precision process and heat treated properly. We assembled this machine under supervision of technical staff and skilled technical workmen

This machine works on segment principle. All coiling operation obtains by mechanically through links and cams. These manufacturing processes by using material cast iron and alloy steels. This machine useful for compression spring, taper spring, circlips spring etc

Automatic Compression Spring Coiling Machine
Specifications Models
Wire Diameter (mm) 0.2-0.8 0.5-1.6 0.5-2.0 1.0-3.5 1.5-4.5 2.8-6.0
Maximum Spring
(mm) 20 30 40 60 70 100
Minimum Production
(pics/min) 6 4 4 4 4 4
Maximum Production
(pics/min) 360 250 100 80 50 40
Main Motor (HP) 1.0 1.5 2.0 3.0 5.0 7.5
Power Supply (phase/v) 3/440 AC 3/440 AC 3/440 AC 3/440 AC 3/440 AC 3/440 AC
Weight Approximate (Kgs) 370 500 750 1100 1850 2800

Spring End Grinding Machine

This machine manufactured in cast iron body with good mass (weight) gives no vibration and noise. Spring end grinders gives smooth finished and also controls E1 and E2 values.

Spring End Grinding Machine
Specifications Models
SG-14 SG-40
Wire die (mm) 1-4 2-10
Spring O. D (mm) 5-40 20-100
Spring Height (mm) 10-150 20-300
Grinding Wheel Die (mm) 200 400
Carrier plate Die (mm) 300 500
Motor of dust
(HP/RPM) 1/3000 3/3000
Motor for Grinding
(HP/RPM) 1/3000 5/1440
Motor for carrier
(HP/RPM) 0.5 /1440 0.75 /1440
Output (pcs/min) 10-25 6-8
Machine dimensions (mm) 1500 X 700 X
2400 X1050 X
Machine weight (kgs) 800 2000

Wire Formers

This machine works automatically by using wire bundle and multi-slide wire forming principle. The wire feeding cutting and forming in X-Y axis is fully automatic. This machine is purely mechanical & works fixed cams and links. No skilled operators require for machine setting as cam timings are fixed. This machine used for strip as well as round wire plain wire forms

Wire Formers
Specifications Models
WFM-04 WFM-05
Wire capacity (mm) 0.5-2.0 0.8-3.0
No. Of Slides Four Four
Auto feeding length
140 200
Speed/min 60-80 20-40
Motor capacity (HP) 1.5 2
Weight 350 550

CNC Load Tester

CNC Load tester available in two models and used for high accuracy testing which is controlled by the computerized control. The installed software is user friendly. Test report & graph in software format & in excel format can be printed. The machine with PLC control used in machine gives movement accuracy.

CNC Load Tester
Specifications Models
CTC NC-100 CTC NC-500
Capacity (Kg) 100 500
Structure Single Single
Encoder Rotary Rotary
Length accuracy
0.1 0.1
Load cell Digital Digital
Load accuracy 1% 1%
Load units (Kg/Lb/N) Kg/Lb/N Kg/Lb/N
Length units MM/Inch MM/Inch
Controls PLC with computer PLC with computer
Promoter Stepper Stepper

Digital Spring Load Testing Machines

Digital Load Tester up to 50 kg is generally used for large number testing. The lever mechanism applied load and gives fast load testing. Above 50 kg models are motor driven and digital length measurement by encoders. Above one ton load application is driven by hydraulic cylinder with power pack.

Digital Spring Load Testing Machines
Specifiactions Models
CTM-2 NC - CTM 100 NC - CTM 500
Type of Spring Compression &
Compression &
Compression &
Load Cell Digital Digital Digital
Load Capacity 2 Kgs 100 Kgs 500 Kgs
Magnetic scale/
Plunger Dial
Encoder Encoder
Display of load Digital Digital Digital
Display of length Digital Digital Digital
Accuracy +-1% +-1% +-3%
Load Applying Device Manual Electric Motor Electric Motor